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The Connie Sabine Award

For Outstanding Contribution to Psychology

In 1980, Cornelia Sabine was presented an award for outstanding contributions to psychology by the El Paso Psychological Society of which she was a charter member. Named in her honor, this award has become an annual presentation by the society. Her long and dedicated service to our psychological community remains a model for selecting each year’s winner. The original El Paso Psychological Society has been re-named the Psychological Society of the Pikes Peak Region to include our larger community of psychologists.

Just as our name has changed to become more inclusive, the Cornelia Sabine award in recent years has been broadened to include not only psychologists, but also other professionals and organizations that have made great contributions to our community’s psychological well being.

Recent award winners:

2012-Chip Benight

2011-Tessa Organization-for their outstanding work to stop family violence

2010-Trudy Strewler - CASA

2009-David Campbell, Ph.D.

2008-Terry Maketa, Sheriff of El Paso County

2007-Robin McCann

Part of the mission of the Psychological Society of the Pikes Peak Region is to find and recognize those in our community who are making an important difference. The Cornelia Sabine Award is our way of recognizing those contributions.